Saturday, February 11, 2012

Things Learned in Africa

It is a quiet evening here at the house. Loren, Scott, Ian and Marcel travelled north today to Dori, I chose to remain behind by myself to work on the teachings I will share tomorrow with the women in a local church. A short while ago the power went out, again, this time just as darkness fell. I had thought that might be somewhat frightening, to be alone here in the dark, but it is a testimony to how comfortable I am here that I actually enjoyed it as a time to sit on the screened porch and take in the sights and sounds of an Ougadougou night.

I am back inside now, and Pierre, (our resident gecko who lives on the wall behind the air conditioner) is talking to me in his little clicking voice. The fans are spinning rhythmically overhead as music from the nearby church mingles into a melodic, uniquely African sound. It is good to be here.

Tonight I thought it would be fun to share with you something lighthearted, so here is my list of the 10 things I have learned in Africa:

1. You can never carry enough Lafi(water) when you are out in the bush. Its uses are innumerable.
2. Buckling up in a vehicle is NOT a silly thing to do in Africa, I’m sure Scott will agree.
3. It IS possible to take a shower and wash your hair and not get a single drop of water in your mouth.
4. A flashlight and hand sanitizer should be your constant companion. You NEVER know when you will need either or both.
5. Sidewalks in Africa are HIGHLY overrated as safe places to walk.
6. The Tam Tam has the best Spaghetti Carbonera I have ever eaten!
7. The African bush is home to some wonderful people and especially delightful, creative children who can take a pebble and make it a toy.
8. A smile and a warm handshake speak volumes in any language.
9. Wherever God’s people are, it feels like home.
10. I will never again say, “I never want to go to Africa”.

And with that I will call it a night. Continue to pray for us. I just spoke with Marcel’s wife, Pauline. She told me she saw what is left of the truck Marcel was driving this morning. In her words, “It is a miracle he is alive.” Thank you Lord for your protection, we rest well knowing our lives are ever in your hands.

I am sure Loren or Scott or Ian will be sharing some things later in the day about their journey to Dori, a place where it is not so easy to profess faith in Jesus. Pray for those who live in such places, that God will bring light into the darkness and encouragement to those who are in His.

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