Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life with Laura

When Laura was born, a good friend told us of a proverb she learned from her mother who was of Chilean descent, “Every baby is born with a basket of bread in their arms”. How we needed that encouragement, as our youngest entered our family in a season of upheaval and change. Indeed it was true, the years following her birth saw an increase in our family’s “bread”, but more importantly, Laura has brought to us joy beyond measure, brightening our lives for this past twenty-one years. And now, she is getting married!

As one might imagine, life in our home has been busy as we prepare for this, our second wedding in the family in six months. The result? Blog postings have been few and far between as time has been given to the flurry of wedding planning. But as we enter the two-week countdown to her marriage, I thought it would be fun to share this newsletter column I wrote sixteen years ago, a small window into life with Laura!

It really wasn’t a long trip as one might measure distance, just another busy day in the Anderson house. We were on our way home from kindergarten, chatting about the day’s events when the light ahead turned red. It wasn’t that we were in a hurry to go anywhere, but my impatient five year old quickly surveyed the situation and seeing no other cars at the intersection instructed, “Mom, just run the red light!”

Patiently I explained that the light was, in fact, red and I would have to wait for it to turn green before proceeding. Still not understanding the logic of this delay, Laura persisted, “But Mom, there aren’t any policemen near-by to see you.”

Trying to give her a proper perspective, I responded, “But Laura, God would see me disobey and run the light.”

To which she indignantly replied, “Right, and I’m sure God is going to come down here and give you a ticket!”

As mature adults we may not verbalize our feelings in such an honest manner, yet our actions display the true degree of integrity in our lives. The clerk at the store under-charges us for an item and we walk away, pleased that we came out ahead this time. The amusement park charges for children over age twelve, so of course our kids are forever eleven. Our child’s room mother needs a volunteer for just a few hours, but we know without a doubt we already have something scheduled for that exact time.

And so we quiet the voice of the Holy Spirit who tells us we have been less than true to ourselves and to our God, rationalizing that no one will ever know what has occurred. So often we measure the rightness of our deeds by the reaction of those around us, rather than seeking to know how our heavenly Father would have us to respond.

Integrity, being above reproach in all that we do, not because someone might see and criticize our actions, but because the God we claim to love and serves demands nothing less. “You shall be Holy unto me, for I am Holy” declares the Lord. May we be those who follow wholly after Him.

Forever our "baby", congratulations on your upcoming marriage to Ryan! Can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for the two of you.