Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Beauty of His Creation

Coming from a world still slumbering in winter, I could not help but marvel time and time again at the spectacular array of color that greeted us on our trip to Jacksonville a couple weeks ago. Flowering plums, dressed in their dazzling display of pink provided the backdrop for the golden forsythia that had just burst upon the scene with all the brilliance of the midday sun. As if on cue from the Master Director, the purple and white carpet of crocuses yielded to the dancing daffodils as the smiling faces of pretty pansies smiled in appreciation.

What a wonderful God we serve, who has chosen to fill our lives with so much color and beauty. Trees that lie dormant and barren all winter long are called upon to brighten our world each spring, each in their own season as God has directed. Making their display even more dramatic is the backdrop provided by the towering evergreens, so often overlooked in the kaleidoscope of spring, yet it is these which remain constant, through the searing heat of summer and the deep snows of winter.

In His love, God has given us the capacity to appreciate His creation, in all of its splendor and majesty. In His wisdom, God has chosen to adorn with great diversity His most precious creation, His people. Each child of God, created in His image, has a special beauty and purpose which has been given to enhance the lives of those around them. Some have gifts and talents which burst forth in such spectacular fashion, the world cannot help but take notice. Others, like the evergreen, are steady and strong through all the seasons of life, but often slip through life unnoticed and ignored.

Just as we appreciate the splendid array God gives us through the scenes of nature, may we also remember to cherish the differences found in His people. Although it may be hard to understand, God often chooses to place the fragile splendor of a rose in the midst of the sharpest thorns. May we remember seek to find the beauty of our Lord in those around us and in so doing, find our own hearts enriched by the fragrance of their lives.